IV Seminar-school "Learning from the past - acting for the sake of the future. Study about the history of the Holocaust and human rights"

insidethegatesOn October 31, 2022, the seminar-school "Learning from the past - acting for the sake of the future" began. For the fourth time, we are gathering colleagues in cooperation with The Olga Lengyel Institute, New York and for the third time co-financed by the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian (The Hague).

The purpose of the seminar-school is to improve the level of education about the history of the Holocaust and human rights in Ukraine. The program provides an opportunity to combine Ukrainian and international experience in teaching these topics and substantiating the relevance of historical events in the present.
This year, the seminar-school takes place in difficult wartime conditions. The relevance of the historical events in the present is high and painful, as never before. Therefore, the participants of the school haven’t got an easy task - to discuss complex and emotionally charged topics, to correlate them with their own experience and the experience of their colleagues and students, to think about conclusions for their own educational approaches. However, more than 30 participants of this year's school volunteered for such a challenge. Our meetings will last until the middle of November, and we are very happy about the opportunity to communicate in such a professional circle.
We sincerely thank the Defense Forces of Ukraine for this opportunity🙏

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