(No) Children’s Stories Exhibition comes to Poltava

insidethegatesSince the beginning of the school year, thanks to the interest of our colleague-teachers, we have resumed exhibiting the "(No) Children's Stories" in educational institutions of Ukraine.

We are currently preparing guides for the exhibition at the Poltava Secondary School No. 38 and the exhibition itself is scheduled to open in early November.

During the preparatory meetings with the guides, we are once again convinced of the relevance of studying history for the present. The personal stories of young people are of genuine interest to today's youth, prompting reflection, inspiring them to reflect on their own experiences and share their stories with others.

Each city the exhibition visits is special; each tour is also special, as it aims to create a discussion around the pressing issues of discrimination, prejudice and individual experiences of war. The guides do not retell the text, but instead act as mediators, creating a safe space of exchange for young people of their own age. According to visitors, this is the kind of space they often lack the most.

We sincerely wish the Poltava guides success! Next up in early December is Lviv. 

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