Events within the international project "Memory Network" in the local history museum of Okhtyrka

insidethegatesOn February 20, "DOCUpanorama" film club was opened in the museum. Spectators were representatives of the city's Jewish community, residents of Okhtyrka. The film "Wordless" directed by Anna Malakhova and Anna Dorozhko was on, the project's historical consultant was Andriy Usach. This film is about the Holocaust and the culture of memory.The voices from the past and present tell about the events of the Holocaust in Turka. This is a documentary about the tragedy of Jews and Ukrainians - the Righteous of the World. The moderator of the film club, Liudmyla Mishchenko, emphasized the importance of gathering testimonies and recording the events of the Holocaust in Okhtyrka. The film did not leave anyone indifferent. There was a long discussion.

Together they looked at the museum exhibits: fragments of the holy Torah, which is kept in the collection of the Okhtyrka Regional History Museum, and was transferred in 1929 from the Okhtyrka Synagogue. Lines from the Torah were read and translated by Mykhailo Belenetskyi.
Also, we viewed the exhibition "Protecting Memory: Protection and Memorialization of Places of Mass Burials of the Holocaust”. The exhibition was carried out by the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Berlin) in cooperation with the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (Kyiv) and with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented as part of the international project "Memory Network".

Oleksandr Bychko (born in 1946) from Okhtyrka gave the museum millstones from the family of his great-grandfather Kindrat Bychko, which have been passed down in the family from generation to generation. They were brought by his great-grandfather from Zaporizhzhia.

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