“Memory network” Project Presentation

insidethegatesThe following areas of the project were presented during the event:
- about the "Memory Network" project and its changes with the beginning of the war;
- about community support as the key to preserving the memory of the Holocaust in Ukraine;
- about the motivation of project participants, local memory agents, to work with memorial sites and commemoration of Holocaust victims at the local level;
- about the dynamics of perception of the subject of the project;
- about the gradual restoration of holding memorial ceremonies and the formation of new memory practices, even during a full-scale war in Ukraine.
The leaders of the meeting were:
Vitaly Bobrov, coordinator of the educational component of the project, trainer, employee of the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies, Kyiv
Taras Hrytsyuk, project community coordinator, trainer, member of Other Education, Kyiv

More about the event at the link


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