Why is 2nd August the International Holocaust Memorial Day for Sinti and Roma?

insidethegatesPrejudice against the ethnical minority of Roma and Sinti has its starting point long time before the Nazis dictatorship. A large part of society has labelled them criminal and uneducated.

Later on, as the Nazis took over, the perception of Roma people has become more racist, as they were accused of being a thread to the “Aryan” race.

Slowly, the Nazis began the persecution of Roma and Sinti by isolating them socially, so that they were expelled from the imperial chamber of musicians, not allowed to work or practice their culture.

In 1943, 22 000 German Roma have been deported to Auschwitz, nearly 19 300 died from hunger, cold, sickness or human medical experiments.

On the night from 2. to 3. August. 1944, the less than 4 000 Roma that have remained in the camp were killed in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Including the areas of Crimea, western Ukraine and the transcarpatian region,  20 000 is the estimated number of Roma on Ukrainian ground in 1941.

The estimation of the number of victims is considered problematic, due to deportation of Roma from Romania to be killed in Ukraine, such as bad protocol of killings. The real number of Ukrainian Roma victims must be over 24 000.

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