The XXII. Annual competition of student works: all participants are winners

insidethegatesOn June 28-29, 2022 the XXII All-Ukrainian competition of student works on "History and lessons of the Holocaust" named after I.B. Medvinsky was held.

This year’s competition has a special meaning for all of us (both organizers and participants) since it proves that despite all the trials of fate, prepared for the Ukrainians, despite the war, missile attacks, temporary occupation of our territories we remain Humans. We are educated humans endowed with empathy, we are interested in what we are doing and we are sociable.

The format of the competition was both usual and unusual at the same time. Holding it on the Zoom platform became usual for us due to the pandemic as we got used to it. The unusual part was the number of participants – 9 works made it to the final stage of the competition: 4 research and 5 creative ones.

All the works are unique, very strong and are connected with the modernity! They are so diverse and different that we have decided not to compare and rank them. Each work became the winner in its unique nomination.

If you want to see nominations and winners, check the presentation at the link.

The award and closing ceremony videos will be available later on our YouTube channel.

Congratulations to all the winners of our competition from the bottom of our hearts!

We wish everyone further success and victories!!!

The fastest victory to our Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!💙💛

Awarding of winners👇


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