“80 Stumbling Stones for 80 th Anniversary of Babyn Yar Tragedy”: news of the project

insidethegatesThe joint project of the UCHS, the German embassy in Ukraine and the Kiev City State Administration “80 Stumbling Stones for 80th Anniversary of Babyn Yar Tragedy” is to be continued. Now, a particularly important stage has begun. We are one step closer to getting all required permissions for the establishment of our stumbling stones.

Soon, the foundation is starting to produce more Stumbling Stones, which are small memorial plaques spread all over the streets of Kiev. Their aim is reminding citizens of the people who lived there during WW2 and suffered from the Nazi’s occupation.

Another important novelty is that the development team has started to work on a website of the project, that will soon contain information and biographies of the people marked on the Stumbling Stones.

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