«Babyn Yar: History and Memory of a Massacre»

To the anniversary of the tragedy of Babyn Yar (1941-2017) The 2nd edition of the scientific collection «Babyn Yar: History and Memory of a Massacre» was published.
Babyn Yar is a place in Kyiv, which still remains a sad symbol of the policy of genocide of Nazi Germany and memory manipulation inherent to the Soviet Union, as well as a vivid example of the current state of memory about the war in the modern Ukrainian society.
This book is a collection of materials of an international conference, which was held to analyze purely historical aspects of repressive policies towards various groups of the population (Jews, Roma, representatives of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, Soviet prisoners of war and civilians) for whom Babyn Yar has become a mass grave, as well as post-war and modern problems related to the commemoration of the dead in the context of ambiguous attitude to the past from various parts of Ukrainian society.

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