Exodus-2022: Testimonies of Jewish Refugees from the Russo-Ukrainian War

insidethegatesThe Kyiv City Jewish Community with the support of the German Foundation EVZ  and other partners invites you to become participants in the Exodus-2022 project.

For the first time since World War II and the establishment of the State of Israel, tens of thousands of Jewish refugees emerged in the world. For some of them, this is their second evacuation - the first was in 1941 from the Nazis, the second in spring 2022 from the russians. The project offers a series of video meetings with these two-time refugees and Holocaust survivors, ready to share their extraordinary stories from two eras.

In front of your eyes, the "Jewish" chronicle of the Russo-Ukrainian war will be created, about which books and scientific monographs will be written years later. But all this will happen later, and today you will feel the living breath of history - such moments worth a lot. After the hero's speech, you will be able to ask questions and discuss the consequences of "denazification" for the Jewish community of Ukraine.

The first Zoom is planned to be dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Date: January 29, 2023

Time: 17:00 (Ukraine and Israel Time Zone / GMT+2) / 16:00 (Europe / CET) / 10:00 (New York, USA / GMT-5).

If you would like to participate in the video conference, please fill out the form on the website: https://exodus-2022.org/ua

Latest News

  • International Seminar for Educators in Lublin (Poland)

    On 16.06-21.06 2024, the international seminar Unveiling "Aktion Reinhardt": A Multi-Perspective Exploration, at which the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies was represented by Anastasiia Mikheieva and Lesia Yurchyshyn.

  • Research and methodological seminar for educators in Lviv

    On 15-16 June, we met with more than twenty participants - mostly teachers from Lviv - to discuss the memory of the Holocaust, other cases of genocide on Ukrainian territory, and the current challenges of working with these topics.

  • History of genocides in Ukraine: studying the experience and challenges of the present. Seminar in Kyiv

    On 12-13 June, a research and methodological French-Ukrainian seminar History of genocides in Ukraine: studying the experience and challenges of the present was held in Kyiv. It was organised by the Shoah Memorial (Paris) and the Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies (Kyiv) with the support of the Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies.

  • Educational Materials “Nazi Genocide against Roma in Ukraine, 1941-1944”

    The tragic fate of Roma people during WWII still remains largely unknown in Ukraine and generally in Europe. The new educational materials play an important role in returning Roma history and culture into the history and culture of modern Ukraine, unveiling Roma cultural heritage and the tragic events of WWII genocide against them.

  • (No) Children’s Stories Exhibition returned to Chernivtsi

    In May-June 2024, Chernivtsi once again invited the interactive exhibition (No) Children’s Stories. This time, it was hosted by Chernivtsi Gymnasium No. 17, and initiated by history and law teacher Varvara Bodnariuk. The students of 7-9 grades volunteered to host the exhibition and during the month of the event, they gave tours to more than 400 people, including students from their school, other schools in the city, and even the mayor of Chernivtsi and a foreign delegation from Dusseldorf (Germany) with the mayor of the city.