Memorial Dates in December

insidethegatesReminder of the project: “Babyn Yar, memory against history’s background” We want to draw your attention to four special days in December and our Teacher’s interactive guidebook.

The international Day of Disabled People (03.12.2020) is a good opportunity to commemorate the patients of the Pavlova mental hospital on the territory of Babyn Yar, as well as talking about general aggressions of the Nazis against disabled people. At least two lessons of the teacher’s guidebook deal with the fates of different victim-groups.

The international Day of the Victims of Genocide (09.12.2020) should be the day of remembering the crimes on the territory of Babyn Yar, but also today’s acts of genocide and violation of Human Rights. The occupation of the Crimea or the ongoing persecution of Crimean Tatars could be the subject. The international Human Rights Day (10.12.2020) was made to prevent such crimes and save every citizen from aggressions by the government. As a result, the past crimes of Nazi’s and communists on the territory of Babyn Yar, such as present-day violations of Human Rights should be brought into context again.

On the international Migrant’s Day (18.12.2020) we will learn about the occupation of Kiev by the Nazis, which allows us a better understanding of the difficulties that migrated people or refugees have to face today.

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