(No)Children Stories: a guide for the exhibition

insidethegatesWe are happy to present the next publication by UCHS. The manual was created for students and teachers planning to use and be guides for the real or interactive versions of the exhibition “(No)Children Stories”. This manual will explain the concept of the exhibition, ways of delivering the materials, tricks on how to prepare the exhibition for public use. Future guides will be able to read through useful advice on preparation and leading the guided tours, cooperation with each other and the visitors.

The project and the exhibition have been created by Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies under the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office within the Programme for Eastern Partnership with civil society 2019/2020 and owing to the partnership with transnational project “Learning to Remember” (Erinnerung Lernen) by Dusseldorf Jewish Community. Our important partner is “Stories that Move” educational platform.

[Download guidebook (UA)]

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