Opening of “Anne Frank: a History for Today” in Nikolayev

On December 4, 2006 the exhibition “Anne Frank: a History for Today” was opened in Nikolayev in the museum “Underground and Partisan Movement in Nikolayev region during World War II. 1941-1944”.
The exhibition was organized by Jewish Foundation of Ukraine, Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies, Nikolayev Jewish Culture Community, Anne Frank House (the Netherlands). Not by chance did the exhibition appear in the museum of underground and partisan movement. In 2005 the museum was second best in all-Ukrainian competition “Holocaust – to Realize the Tragedy” which took place in Kyiv in frames of national programme “Tolerance and International Understanding”.
To the opening came students of law lyceum, teenage guides-students of local schools, history teachers, representatives of the regional council for nationalities, Nikolayev Jewish Culture Community, ethnographers, journalists. Among the speakers were deputy of the head of regional internal policy administration Y.I. Itzkovsky, chairman of Nikolayev Jewish Culture Community M.D.Goldenberg, deputy of the head of regional culture administration S.V. Ivanov.
The exhibition is aimed at school and university students.

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