New Books by Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies in Co-operation with Anne Frank House

In summer 2007 the Centre published two books in frames of the international project “Holocaust and Tolerance Education in Ukraine”.
The first one is the textbook “Lessons of the Past. History of the Holocaust in Ukraine” by Anatoly Podolsky. The textbook is aimed at students of 10-11th grades of Ukrainian comprehensive schools and covers the complex page of Ukrainian history in the XX century: history of WWII in Ukraine, namely the fate of Ukrainian Jews under the Nazi occupation (1941-1944). It broaches history of the Holocaust in Ukraine – part of the European Holocaust history – the terrible total WWII genocide of the Jewish people in all European Nazi-occupied countries (1939-1945). We hope that this textbook will be interesting and useful to the students of Ukrainian secondary schools. Especially considering the fact that the Holocaust was included by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education into the curriculum as a part of Ukrainian History course and World History course, subchapter History of WWII. The full text can be downloaded [Download]

The second book is the Glossary “The Holocaust in Ukraine (1941-1944)”, editor M.Tyagliy. It is already the second edition, added and corrected. As the first one, this edition is also aimed at educators, students, and scholars working with Holocaust Studies and Holocaust Teaching. The book is an attempt to generalize the terminology to the topic “The Holocaust in Ukraine, 1941-1944”. The glossary contains 407 notions and terms. The full text can be downloaded [Download]

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