Exhibition “(No) Children’s Stories”

insidethegatesIn 2021, the project and the interactive exhibition "(No)Children's Stories" return to work with school students. In early November, a series of webinars was held to train guides in one of the schools in Kiev.

Due to quarantine restrictions, the exhibition in Kyiv can not yet be shown in person. However, future guides managed to find excellent solutions for working with the online version of the exhibition in the conditions of distance learning. Over the next week, their classmates and students of the school will be able to attend the exhibition virtually and discuss complex historical and modern topics with their peers. The next step is to bring the project to Kharkiv.

The exhibition "(No)Children's Stories" consists of stories of children and young people from World War II and the Holocaust, as well as modern stories of young people from eight European countries, including Ukraine. Posters created for the exhibition, and short video clips as part of the Anne Frank House project "Stories that Move" tell about different experiences. Visitors will learn how young people at different times tried to counteract injustice towards themselves and others.

Use this link to find further information: https://www.nochildrenstories.com

The exhibition was created by the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies in cooperation with the transnational project "Learning to Remember" by the Jewish community of Düsseldorf and the  educational platform “Stories that Move” with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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