Research-Methodical Seminar "History of the Holocaust on the territories of Western Ukraine and Poland" 7-12 December 2013

Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies in cooperation with Majdanek State Museum (Poland) and Center for Urban History of East Central Europe (Lviv) under the support of Claims Conference held on 7-12 December 2013 the following, 6th annual research and methodical seminar for Ukrainian teachers of history and humanities. Traditionally, the seminar comprised lectures and discussions combined with visits to the sites of the Holocaust in Ukraine and Poland.
The main focus of the event was history and culture of Polish and West-Ukrainian Jews before and during WWII. Starting in Lviv at Center for Urban History the participants had a chance to learn about the legacy of local Jewish community and its fate, continuing to Poland, where they could visit the memorials and museums on the sites of Nazi death camps: Belzec, Sobibor and Majdanek.

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