Persecution and mass murder of the Roma in Ukraine during the World War II: Collection of documents, testimonies and related materials (Ed. by Mikhail Tyaglyy). Kyiv: Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies, 2013, 208 p. [in Ukrainian]. ISBN 978-966-2214-31-4


The aim of the collection is to attract attention of the historians, educators and wider audience to the problematic of the persecution and extermination of the Roma in Ukraine occupied by the Nazis in 1941-44. The book presents the issues understudied, the patterns of the historical sources which are still unexplored by the scholars, and the original testimonies recorded from the Roma survivors and those non-Roma eyewitnesses of the persecution.
The book consists of three chapters.

  • Chapter 1. Records of the governmental bodies, occupation administrative authorities and security apparatus, local administrations and auxiliary structures, postwar investigating agencies and justice agencies;
  • Chapter 2. Oral history testimonies recorded from the Roma survivors and non-Roma witnesses of the Roma genocide in Ukraine occupied, 1941-44;
  • Chapter 3. Papers by the winners of the “Forced labor, persecution and massacres of the Roma in the Ukraine occupied, 1941-44” section at the XIII Annual competition of the pupil’s papers “History and lessons of the Holocaust” (Kyiv, May 2013).

      Three appendixes contain:

(1) Statistical diagrams showing the cases of the mass murder of the Roma in the German-occupied Ukraine, both in the areas under military control and civil administration;

(2) Map of the Ukrainian locations where the Roma were murdered (as known from the sources explored up to present);

(3) Bibliography of the recent items of the Roma genocide in the Ukraine occupied in 1941-44.

       The book is result of the research and educational project run in 2012-13 by the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies and supported by the International Foundation “Mutual Understanding and Tolerance”.
       The electronic version of the book can be downloaded for free from the UCHS’ website at: roma_book.pdf
       To obtain a hardcopy, please contact Mikhail Tyaglyy at mikhail.tyaglyy@gmail.com

[See the book (in Ukrainian)]

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