Presentation of the book “Clara’s War” in Zhovkva

insidethegatesOn March 12, the Ukrainian version of the book “Clara’s War” was presented at the Hetman’s Hall of Zhovhka’s Castle. It has been recently published in the “Library of Holocaust Memories” series. 

The book had been presented in Kiev before, and today, symbolically, citizens of the author’s hometown Zhovkva, local historians, teachers and all wishing were spectators of this event.

Some of the prominent participants of the event were the author’s son Eli Kramer, co-author Steven Glantz and one of the protagonists Metuka Kornberg. Moderator and organizer of the event was the director of the fond “International cooperation for Zhovkva” Vladimir Gerich. Natalia Gurska, a history teacher and also a resident of the house which has become Clara Schwartz’s hiding place, also shared her thoughts.

The book “Clara’s War” offers the opportunity to feel the historical context of World War 2 through the tragic story of an ordinary Jewish family. Clara Schwartz, who is Clara Kramer on the pages of her Memoirs, tells the contemporary residents of her hometown about a side of Zhovkva that is unknown to them, a Zhovkva during the period of Second World War. The UCHS expresses a deep gratitude to the organizers.

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