New interactive project: “Atlas of Holocaust Killing Sites in Ukraine”

insidethegatesThe UCHS presents a new research and educational project: “Shoah Atrocities Map-Ukraine”, which is implemented by the Tsal Kaplun Foundation (USA) and the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies, designed to mark forgotten and erased mass shooting sites of Ukrainian Jewish people during World War 2.

The map shows the residence of Jewish people, who later became victims of Soviet and Nazi occupation and is designed for teachers, students, researchers, and everyone else who is keen on visiting unknown places.

How much do we really know about the topography of our country? A big part of modern Ukraine remained silent for decades… Some of it still is to this day.

Every marked place includes the history of its population during the interwar period, their numerosity, the amount of their victims, documents, a video testimony of the USC Shoah Foundation, links to resources of research institutions. Another important component are the names of the saviors, the Righteous Among the Nations.

The future goal of the organizers is to include every region of Ukraine until the end of 2022. Currently, there are nearly 400 places on the territory of 4 regions of Ukraine.

In this manner the project creates a memorial space, which has been (un)consciously erased from the memories of Ukrainian citizens.

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