Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies is glad to present the websites of the project "Protecting Memory"

The project "Protecting Memory" (starting in Ukraine in 2010) is dedicated to the still little-known chapter of Nazi policy of extermination: it investigates mass shootings of Jews in the occupied territories of Eastern Europe, which are in the darkness of oblivion. The project, however, is dedicated to marking and protecting evidences of these crimes - the mass graves in Ukraine, which became the last resting place for more than a million Jews - making them worthy memorial places. To this end, memorials have been built in five west Ukrainian locations - Bakhiv, Kyslylyn, Ostrozhets, Prokhid and Rava-Ruska. Now the project continues in selected localities of Vinnytsia and Zhytomyr regions. UCHS with partners participated in the creation of a special project website. We are pleased to announce the results of this work.
Ukrainian project website:


General project website in Ukrainian, German and English: [http://www.protecting-memory.org/]

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