Learning from the Past - Acting for the Future: Teaching about the Holocaust and Human Rights

insidethegatesFrom October 28 to November 1 in 2021, the five-day seminar-school “Learning from the Past -Acting for the Future” took place in Pushcha-Vodytsia. Twenty-five educators from all around Ukraine participated in the program. The seminar-school aims to improve the level of learning about the history of the Holocaust and human rights in Ukraine. It provides an opportunity to combine Ukrainian and international experience in teaching these topics and the relevance of historical events in the present.

The seminar’s program includes practical lessons, presentations, lectures and group work. The participants had the opportunity to share experiences and learn from as well as with each other. The atmosphere was personal and active as well as productive. Within the five days, the educators got to know each other and learned about the contemporary relevance of the Holocaust in modern history. Next to speakers from the UCHS Anatoly Podolsky, Mykhaylo Tyaglyy and Vitalii Bobrov, there were lectures given by other scientists and international partner Oana Bajka from TOLI-institute.

The seminar was hold in cooperation with the institute named after Olga Lengel (The Olga Lengyel Institute, New York).

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