A New Edition of Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies: Michael Hauptman «Forgotten Tombs»

Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies is pleased to present a new edition of the «Library of the Holocaust Memoirs» series. «The Daughter we have always wanted. The story of Marta» is the first edition of the Center, which has been adapted for readers over 10 years old. The original book was created by Yad Vashem and the Ukrainian version appeared upon the initiative of the NGO «Helsinki Initiative-XXI» – localized in Chortkiv, Marta’s birthtown. Thanks to Tigran Sogoyan, this story talks to us not only through text and family photos, but also through wonderful illustrations. A new publication within the «Library of the Holocaust Memoirs» series appeared. It is the memories of Michael Hauptman titled «Forgotten Graves» (Hauptman Michael, Forgotten Graves / trans. from Polish A. Sharyi, Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies. – Kyiv: Phoenix Publishing House, 2017. – 175 p.). Translation and publication of the book became possible owing to the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Representative office in Ukraine (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung). In his memoirs Michael Hauptman (1916-1990) recollects the history of the murder of Jewish communities of Skhidnytsia and Urych in Eastern Galicia. The most important thing about this book is that it was written not by an outside observer, but by a person who managed to survive in the epicenter of the Holocaust. For the rest of his life Hauptman was forced to bear the burden of memory of the death of many relatives and neighbors in the summer of 1941, the direct witness of which he was. We hope that these memories will encourage a thoughtful reader to think about the pain of loss, the thirst for life and the search for justice

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