The book "Erased" by famous American historian Omer Bartov

The book "Erased" by famous American historian Omer Bartov is devoted to certain aspects of historical memory about the Holocaust and its formation in modern Ukraine. The main focus of the book is erasing of the materials heritage and memory of Jewish life in western Ukraine (eastern Galicia). To emphasize the significance of such erasure and show some reasons for this process, the author begins with a short history of Jewish communities in many cities and villages in Galicia before WWII and then tells how they were killed during the German occupation of the region. During his trip in eastern Galicia the author lived a personal shock: he was amazed at almost total absence of memory about the killings of Galician Jews. The work by O.Bartov has a turning point around readiness or unreadiness of the modern Ukrainian state and society to see the history of the Holocaust, generally the history and culture of Ukrainian Jews, as a part of own national history and national heritage with its all positive and negative events in the history of Ukrainian-Jewish relations. We hope that the Ukrainian translation of the book "Erased" will serve the historians dealing with the Jewish studies, the Holocaust, WWII and that it will foster open discussion on forming the complex and true memory about the past and responsibility for this memory in Ukrainian society today. The book was printed by "Zovnishtorgvydav Ukrainy" and Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies under the support of Matra Programme of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Anne Frank House, and Central and East European Book Publishing Projects Fund (Amsterdam).

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