Summer school as the part of international project "Encountering Memory"

On the 5-8th of August 2008 All-Ukrainian Association of Teachers of History, Civic Education and Social Studies "NOVA DOBA", Institute for Visual History at South California University, Victor Pinchuk Fund in cooperation with Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies organised a summer school for history teachers from all the regions of Ukraine in frames of the project "Encountering Memory". This project took part in Ukraine in 2007-2008 and included methodic-educational seminars on methodological issues of teaching the inheritance of totalitarism, xenophobia, history of the Holocaust, interethnic relations. It was based on the film of Serhiy Bukovsky "Spell Your Name" and methodical textbook to the film "Encountering Memory". The participants of this school were Ukrainian teachers who get a qualification of trainers-methodists for using these materials during this school and during 2008-2009 they get an opportunity to professionally train their colleagues how to use the data gathered by the project "Encountering Memory"

[Programme of the school]

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