The Ukrainian edition of the Wendy Lower's book has been published by the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (Kiev, Ukraine)

The monograph by Dr. Wendy Lower "Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine" (originally published in 2005 by the University of North Carolina Press) has just been published in Ukrainian in Kiev by the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (Transl. by Sergii Kolomiiets, Evgen Rovnyi. Ed. by Mikhail Tyagly. 368 p.).
ISBN 978-966-8274-24-4.
On July 1941, Adolf Hitler convened top Nazi leaders at his headquarters in East Prussia to dictate how they would rule the newly occupied eastern territories. Ukraine, the "jewel" in the Nazi empire, would become a German colony administered by Heinrich Himmler's SS and police, Hermann Goering's economic plunderers, and a host of other satraps. Focusing on the Zhytomyr region and weaving together official German wartime records, diaries, memoirs, and personal interviews, Wendy Lower provides the most complete assessment available of German colonization and the Holocaust in Ukraine. In her analysis of the murderous implementation of Nazi "race" and population policy in Zhytomyr, Lower shifts scholarly attention from Germany itself to the eastern outposts of the Reich, where the regime truly revealed its core beliefs, aims, and practices.
Wendy Lower is research fellow and lecturer in the department of Eastern European history at Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet in Munich. She is a former research fellow and director of Visiting Scholars Programs at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies.
The Ukrainian publication was made possible due to the support of "Matra" program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Anne Frank House, and Fund for Central and East European Book Project (Amsterdam).

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