Volunteer project in Germany and Poland

insidethegatesWe invite you to join volunteer programs in Germany and Poland and take part in one of the projects. By helping as a volunteer in one of the non-governmental organizations in Poland or Germany, you will gain new experience, discover new opportunities and meet interesting people.

The projects last for 12 months and start on 01.09.2022. Young people from 18 to 30 are welcome to take part.

The application deadline is 15.01.2022.

Volunteer projects have different topics – social, historical, cultural and educational. During the year, volunteers will work in one of the these fields.

Here you can find more information about the projects:


About projects in Poland:


About projects in Germany:



Requirements for candidates:

  • Young people aged 18 to 30 years
  • Candidates should be ready to go to another country for a year and have motivation to help in historical projects.
  • The experience of public activity and knowledge of foreign languages: German for projects in Germany and English for projects in Poland is important.

Interested, but more questions?

Contact us : ngo_akcija_myru@ukr.net

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