Presentation of the UCHS’s publications at the 10th Kyiv Book Arsenal

insidethegatesOn 25th June 2021, for the first time in its history, the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies presented its scientific, pedagogical and memorial publications at the 10th Kiev Book Arsenal.

About the event:

For nearly a decade, the UCHS is fighting for the right of victims to be heard, for the right of the living to remember, against antisemitism and xenophobia, against the distortion of the history and for memorialization. This process finds its embodiment in scientific activities, educational projects and publications. Through that, we share the latest achievements in the fields of Holocaust Studies and other genocides of the 20th Century. Working with documents and memorials of eyewitnesses, we relive the history, replay situations and variations of behaviour in extreme situations. In the end, that is how we can get a better understanding of ourselves.

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