Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies

The Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UCHS) was established in 2002. It is a non-governmental organization founded in partnership with I. Kuras Institute for Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The main directions of the UCHS's activities embrace Holocaust research and Holocaust education. The research direction comprises regional aspects of the Holocaust on Ukrainian lands; reflection of the Holocaust in the mass-media of the Nazi-occupied Ukraine; Nazi ideology and the mechanisms of its implementation, anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, comparative research of the Holocaust and other cases of genocide. The UCHS holds scholarly conferences and seminars on these issues. In frames of the educational activities the UCHS consults Holocaust history teachers of secondary schools and higher educational establishments, promotes the creation of curricula and manuals on the Holocaust, organizes annual competitions of students' research and art works. Alongside with the main working directions the UCHS is actively involved into publishing and has its own periodical editions: semi-annual scholarly journal "Holocaust and Modernity" and bi-monthly informative-pedagogical bulletin "Lessons of the Holocaust". The UCHS also participates in international projects in alliance with academic and educational institutions all over the world.

Our Staff

  • Dr. Anatolii Podolskyi

    Dr. Anatolii Podolskyi

    Director of the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UCHS)
      Scope of scholarly interests
    • History of Ukrainian Jews in XX century;
    • History of the Holocaust;
    • Ukrainian-Jewish relationship in historic perspective;
    • Comparative research of genocide in XX century;
    • Culture and politics of memory about World War II.

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    Additional information
    Leading research associate of Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine:[More]
    Personal webpage at Google Academy: [More]
    Personal webpage at Academia.edu: [More]

  • Vitalii Bobrov

    Vitalii Bobrov

    Coordinator of educational projects, trainer, educational programs developer, mentor in projects for adults, translator and editor (Eng)
      Scope of interests:
    • Teaching about Holocaust history.
    • Non-formal education.
    • Combating prejudice and xenophobia through methods of formal, non-formal and informal education.
    • Comparative research of genocide in XX century.
    • Development of workshops and exercises.

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  • Halyna Korniienko

    Halyna Korniienko

    Teacher of History Cherkasy First City Gymnasia Cherkasy Region

    Responsibilities at UCHS:
    Direction of activity in Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies Manager of the official page of the center in social network Facebook.

      Scope of interests:
    • Infomedia literacy.
    • Project work.
    • Non-formal education.

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  • Liubov Kreminets

    Liubov Kreminets

    History and geography teacher in Rava-Ruska school #2, Zhovkva region, Lvivska oblast.

    Responsibilities at UCHS:
    Editor of information-pedagogical bulletin “Lessons of the Holocaust”.

      Scope of interests:
    • Innovative pedagogical methods.
    • Modern methods and formats of teaching.

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    Personal page on Facebook: [More]

    Additional information:
    In 2011 graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv National University – historian, history teacher. 2018 – geography teacher in Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University

  • Olha Limonova

    Olha Limonova

    Teacher of history and law.

    Responsibilities at UCHS:
    Co-author of methodical materials for “Babyn Yar: Memory against History’s Background” (teacher’s guide) educational resource; trainer at Kyiv and regional seminars of this project; guide work within “Protecting Memory” project.

      Scope of pedagogical interests:
    • Research work with students about the Holocaust in Ukraine and Kyiv in particula.
    • Popularizing commemoration activities for World War II victims.
    • Education about the Holocaust for students and teachers.
    • Creation of new methodical materials on this topic.

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  • Zhanna Podolska

    Zhanna Podolska

    UCHS administrative manager

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  • Ruslan Sydoriako

    Ruslan Sydoriako

    Web developer, system administrator, responsible for UCHS website.

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  • Mykhailo Tiaglyy

    Mykhailo Tiaglyy

    Research associate at UCHS, managing editor of “Holocaust and Modernity. Studies in Ukraine and the World” scholarly journal.
      Scope of interests:
    • Policy towards the Roma (Gypsies) during the occupation period in Ukraine (1941-1944).

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    Personal webpage at Academia.edu: [More]

  • Nadiia Ufimtseva

    Nadiia Ufimtseva

    MA in Jewish Studies

    Responsibilities at UCHS:
    Lecturer, trainer for UCHS educational programs, projects coordinator.

      Scope of scholarly interests:
    • Jewish Studies, history of Ukrainian Jews.
    • History of reading, history of everyday life.
    • Gender studies.
    • The Holocaust history in Ukraine.

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    Personal page on Facebook: [More]

  • Natalia Sinelnikova

    Natalia Sinelnikova

    Secretary of the UCHS

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