Online presentation of the Ukrainian version of: “Clara’s War”

insidethegatesOn 25th February, the UCHS hosted an online presentation of “Clara’s War”, a book which has recently been translated into the Ukrainian language. The translation was published as a part of the “Library of the Holocaust Memoirs” -series towards the end of 2020.

Prominent guests of the event were the Author’s son Eli Kramer, co-author of the book Stephen Glantz, one of the protagonists Metukah Kornberg (Zosia in the book), as well as Anatolii Podolskyi, director of the UCHS, Vladimir Gerich, executive director of the foundation “International Cooperation for Zhovkva”, Natalya Fedushak, communications director of the charitable foundation “Ukrainian-Jewish Meeting” and Natalya Gurska, Lyudmila Baibul and Christina Gnidets, Zhovkva teacher, museum worker and student.

The translation and publication of the book was carried out with the support of the Ukrainian-Jewish Meeting Charitable Foundation (Canada) and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Memory Network project) in cooperation with the “International Cooperation for Zhovkva” Foundation. The event’s recording is available here:


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