“(No) Child History”: the project continues

insidethegatesOn 26th March, two important events linked to the project “(No) Child History” took place.The students and history teachers of a Chernivtsi school started the classes and online-tours with the multimedia exhibition “(No) Child History”. Due to quarantine, the exhibition had to be held online for the students. In the meantime, we sincerely wish success to the guides and their teachers testing the distance and presence work with the materials.

Furthermore, the organizers of the project gathered online with the interested educators and students in order to present the exhibition as an instrument against discrimination and discuss concrete stories and
conceptual foundations.

We are very thankful for every participator. A methodical recommendation guideline for the teacher’s work with the exhibition is to follow.

More details about the exhibition at the link: [https://www.nochildrenstories.com]

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