XIth Annual R. Kuwalek Study Trip “History of the Holocaust in Ukraine and Poland”

On 15-20 of October 2018 the XIth educational and methodological R. Kuwalek study trip “History of the Holocaust in Ukraine and Poland” was held in Ukraine and Poland. This year 16 participants visited memory sites in Lviv, Zhovkva, Rava-Ruska, Lublin, former territory of the Janowska concentration camp, Lysynychy mass grave site, Majdanek State Museum and Bellec Museum and Memorial. Lectures and workshops dealt with the status of Jews in Ukraine and Poland in the inter-war period, Ukrainian nationalist movement and Jews, perception of the Holocaust in Ukraine and Poland, commemorative practices in different periods and places, teaching about the Holocaust in Ukraine and Poland, etc. Presentation of the Ukrainian translation of Robert Kuwa?ek’s “Death Camp in Bellec” became the most significant event of the study trip. The study trip became possible due to the financial support of the American Jewish Committee and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany in partnership with Lublin-based Brama Grodzka (Grodzka Gate).

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