Educational publications

  • A Collection of Best Students' Research Works in 2006-2009 printed

    Holocaust History and Lessons: A Collection of Student Research Papers, 2006-2009 - K .: Ukrainian Center for the Study of the Holocaust; Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 2010. - 400 p.

  • Teaching materials on the history of Jews and anti-Semitism in Europe published in Ukraine

    Kiev. In March 2008 teaching materials for Ukrainian high school students on the topics of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and racism have been published.
    Being part of an international project initiated by the OSCE/ODIHR and the Anne Frank House the materials have been adapted for use in schools in several countries and are available in the official language of each partner state. In each case they were prepared and adapted with experts from the countries concerned, namely the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies and the association "Nova Doba" for Ukraine.

  • New Books by Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies in Co-operation with Anne Frank House

    In summer 2007 the Centre published two books in frames of the international project “Holocaust and Tolerance Education in Ukraine”.

  • Rachel Auerbach “On the Fields of Treblinka”

    “On the Fields of Treblinka” by Rachel Auerbach is a book of memoirs, reflections of a person who witnessed the tragedy of Warsaw Ghetto, saw the Nazi death camp in the Polish village of Treblinka in November 1945 and has worked for Yad Vashem Museum (Jerusalem) for over thirty years after the war. The present book is a translation of the first publication in Yiddish in 1947. It is the first time the memoirs appear in Ukrainian. The publication was done by Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies in frames of the series “Ukrainian Library of the Holocaust” under financial support of The Rothschild Foundation Europe.


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