The XVI Round Table "Ukrainian society and the memory of the Holocaust: the experience of modern war against Ukraine"

insidethegatesOn the 27th of January 2023 Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies and Goethe-Institut in Ukraine under the support of the project of the Dusseldorf Jewish Community "Learning to remember" held the XVI annual round table discussion  "Ukrainian society and the memory of the Holocaust: the experience of modern war against Ukraine". Despite the full-scale russian armed aggression, the Ukrainian scientific and educational community gathered together at the traditional annual event, which was this time held in the premises of the Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 

Speakers from all over Ukraine, together with our international partner, Matthias Richter from Düsseldorf, were present at the round table and this was extremely important for us, because due to problems with electricity in the city of Kyiv, no one could guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the Internet. We couldn’t go live on the Center's Facebook page this time for the same reasons. But you can find the recordings of all the speeches presented at this year's Round Table on the UCHS YouTube channel. 

This year all reports  were directly or indirectly focused on the history of the Holocaust studies through the experience of the modern war that Ukraine is waging, defending its independence and territorial integrity. The discussions touched on the issues of memory, manipulation and propaganda, those lessons that Ukrainians have already learned from almost a year of resistance to the aggressor. 

In addition, one cannot but mention that international partners and friends of the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies sent warm words of support to the Ukrainians. This gives us confidence in our victory. 

Olha Limonova, Teacher of history and law.

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