The exhibition (No)Children Stories is open again

insidethegatesAfter a long break from February 2022, the exhibition "(No)Children Stories" resumes its journey through educational institutions of Ukraine. Since the fall 2022, the project team, together with the guides and teachers who worked with the exhibition in previous years, have considered what and how should be changed in the approaches in work with the exhibition now, taking into account the tragic experience of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. These changes are recorded in the online publication - Addendum to the guide for the exhibition.

After the completion of this work, we gladly responded to the offer of colleagues from Chernivtsi, who wanted to hold the exhibition for the first time after the start of a full-scale invasion. Meetings on the preparation of student guides for the exhibition are currently ongoing, and the exhibition itself should open in Chernivtsi Lyceum No. 12 "Yuvileiny" after May 5.

We are very inspired by the way the future student guides plan their excursions and notice new aspects of the exhibition to share with their visitors. We sincerely thank Angela Karimova for this initiative and we hope that this is only the first step in reviving the exchange between young people on such important topics as discrimination, the experience of war and indomitability in the face of even the worst experiences.

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