The 13th Annual Educational and Methodical Seminar in Holocaust Studies for Ukrainian Teachers at Yad Vashem

On November 4-13, 2018 the 13th annual seminar for Ukrainian educators was held at Yad Vashem International School for Holocaust Studies (ISHS) in cooperation with the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UCHS). 20 alumni of the Zhytomyr summer school took part in the seminar. During the 10-day seminar the participants attended lectures of prominent Israeli scholars; they also got familiarized with the methodological trainings and workshops conducted by Yad Vashem staff members. The participants visited historical exposition at Yad Vashem and Yad Vashem Art Museum. Teachers also shared their own experience of teaching about the Holocaust on the lessons of history, language and literature, other humanities, extracurricular and museum activities. Besides the official part of the seminar the participants learned about the country, its history and customs, peculiarities of the educational system in Israel, the attitude towards historical past, contemporary challenges and struggles. The most emotional were meetings with the survivors – Mr Yakiv Veksler and Mrs Marta Goren, who sincerely told their life stories. A major part of the seminar was dedicated to teaching about the Holocaust in Ukraine and search for the new methodological approaches. We hope that this seminar was a source of inspiration for the participants and it helped them to discover new methods and techniques for teaching and learning about the Holocaust history. The XIII Annual seminar for Ukrainian teachers was made possible due to the efforts of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine (Vaad of Ukraine) and the Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine.

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