“Tolerance – Lessons of the Holocaust” Program: A Seminar in Bishkek

A seminar within the EAJC programme “Tolerance – Lessons of the Holocaust” took place on 17 – 20 February in Kyrgyzstan. It was organized by Kyiv bureau of Eurasian Jewish Congress under the support of the Claims Conference. The seminar gathered teachers of history and humanities from local schools, methodologists and education officials, informal educators. Traditionally, Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies was a partner in organization and conduction of the seminar. Anatoly Podolsky held lectures on the history of the Holocaust and other cases of genocide in XX century; alumni of UCHS educational programmes Nadiia Kolpachenko (Tsuriupinsk) and Nadiia Ufimtseva (Kyiv) held workshops on methods of teaching about the Holocaust in school and use of sources in education about the Holocaust.

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