Educational and Methodical Seminar in Holocaust History for Ukrainian Secondary School Teachers, Cherkasy, Ukraine

In 2012, after repeated invitations from our good colleagues, the annual seminar in Holocaust history was held in Cherkasy. Our friends, local educators, did a lot to help with organizing and content issues. But besides good colleagues the UCHS needed also financial support to run the event. And such came from the Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine.
Similar to other years, the educational and methodical seminar on the history of the Holocaust and teaching about it was prepared and implemented in cooperation with the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem Authority (Jerusalem) and with active participation of their expert during the work in Ukraine.
Two short days embraced 18 academic hours, 30 participants from all over the country, lectures, workshops, discussions, book presentations, experience exchange with alumni from previous years - to name the most important programme points, which provoked discussions sometimes late into the night

Reviews of participants:

[Larisa Kolomiets, history teacher,Cherkasy]

[Elena Babenko]

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