Exhibition on the genocide of Roma in Transnistria

During 2015-2016 the German organization Bildungswerk für Friedensarbeit (Education for cooperation) was carrying out a project focused on the history of Roma genocide in the so called “Transnistria” – the region between the Dniester and the Southern Bug rivers that was occupied by Romania during the Second World War.
The group of young people, Roma and non-Roma, from Ukraine, Moldova, Germany and Romania visited places in Southern Ukraine, where Roma deported from Romania, Bessarabia and Bukovyna found themselves in 1942-1944. Many of those Roma died of starvation, epidemics and humiliation from local authorities, sometimes – of intentional mass killings. Participants of the trip also met Roma who managed to survive the genocide and local non-Roma citizens who witnessed what happened to people doomed to die. The result of the project is an exhibition that perfectly combines different dimensions of this tragic event and its meaning for today.
Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies took part in preparing and editing the Ukrainian and Russian versions of the exhibition. With the organizers’ kind permission, the exhibition is located on “The Genocide of Roma (Gypsies) during the occupation of Ukraine (1941-1944): Research, Teaching, and Commemoration” website. It is made for everyone interested in this subject, especially Ukrainian Roma, and for scholars, teachers and people who are interested in Roma history on the territories of Ukraine during the Second World War.


Latest News

  • Bulletin «Lessons of the Holocaust», № 3 (67), 2021

    Dear colleagues! The fresh issue of information-pedagogical bulletin of UCHS «Lessons of the Holocaust», № 3 (67), July-October, 2021 has been published.

  • Webinar “Personal Stories of Holocaust Remembrance”

    On 19th November 2021, the webinar “Personal Stories of Holocaust Remembrance” was held within the framework of the project “Youth Reflects on the Holocaust and World War II”. 

    This project is implemented by the Space for Tolerance Educational Center in cooperation with the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies.

  • Exhibition “(No) Children’s Stories”

    In 2021, the project and the interactive exhibition "(No)Children's Stories" return to work with school students. In early November, a series of webinars was held to train guides in one of the schools in Kiev.

  • Learning from the Past - Acting for the Future: Teaching about the Holocaust and Human Rights

    From October 28 to November 1 in 2021, the five-day seminar-school “Learning from the Past -Acting for the Future” took place in Pushcha-Vodytsia. Twenty-five educators from all around Ukraine participated in the program. The seminar-school aims to improve the level of learning about the history of the Holocaust and human rights in Ukraine. It provides an opportunity to combine Ukrainian and international experience in teaching these topics and the relevance of historical events in the present.

  • International Memorial Project “Against Oblivion” in Odessa

    On 22th October 2021, the first stone of the memorial complex “Against Oblivion” was laid in Odessa. It remembers the tragedy of the mass extermination of Jews in October 1941 and the ceremony was dedicated to 80th anniversary of local Jew’s deaths.