Exodus - 2022: Testimonies of Jewish refugees of the Russian-Ukrainian war

insidethegatesDear friends!
We invite you to the tenth Zoom meeting of the project.
Our heroine, formerly a resident of Kyiv and now an Israeli, Doba Hubergritz, is 102 years old

As a child, she saw with her own eyes how the Dnipro hydroelectric power station was being built, was evacuated to Uzbekistan in 1941, helped rebuild Khreshchatyk immediately after the liberation of Kyiv, and then worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature for almost half a century. At the beginning of the russian invasion, Doba Yukhymivna built a cardboard bunker-like structure between the interior walls of her apartment, throwing a mattress in it. When it became possible to evacuate, she was given two hours to pack.

After landing in Israel, Doba Yukhymivna became a real star - literally, the oldest repatriate from Ukraine. Despite her honourable age, she regularly communicates with her former students, reads a lot, and follows the news on two fronts... She never ceases to wonder how two wars could happen in the second century of her life in two years…

Here is a teaser of the video interview:


Date of the meeting: 17 December 2023

Time: 17.00 (Kyiv, Jerusalem), 16.00 (Berlin), 11.00 (New York)

Access by the link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/2424022022...

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