First Group of History Teachers from Ukraine in Yad Vashem

Dear Colleagues!!!
On November 5-17th, 2006 in Yad Vashem Education Authority (Jerusalem) an educational-methodological seminar on the Holocaust history in Europe is taking place. Its participants are 25 history teachers representing secondary schools of 16 cities from various regions of Ukraine. The seminar became possible owing to the efforts and support of the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority Yad Vashem (Jerusalem, Israel) and Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine).
This is the first Ukrainian group of teachers invited to participation in the educational seminar in Jerusalem in the history of Israel-Ukrainian relations, the activities of state, civil, educational organizations of both countries. The main aim of the seminar is introduction of Holocaust teaching in Ukrainian educational establishments using most to-date technologies, pedagogic methods and approaches. The seminar is taking place on the basis of the International School for Holocaust Studies of the Yad Vashem Authority. The seminar programme comprises lectures, workshops, round-tables, excursions, and discussions dedicated to the Jewish history in general and history of the Holocaust in Europe in particular. Seminar participants are experienced history teachers who are professionally involved into Tolerance and Holocaust teaching, closely co-operating in this task with Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies and All-Ukrainian Association of History and Social Sciences Teachers “Nova Doba”.
From the following year on, Yad Vashem Authority and Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies are planning to make these educational-methodological seminars in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem an annual event for Ukrainian history teachers provided the co-operation with and support from International Task Force on Holocaust Commemoration, Teaching, and Research.
Information by Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies

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