Educational course “Genocide of Jews in Europe: Perspectives and Approaches” 2018: the follow-up meeting

On November 17, 2018 the final meeting of the yearly educational course focused on comparison of the cultures of remembrance about totalitarian regimes in Germany and Ukraine took place in Kyiv. The course was aimed at young scholars and consisted of several parts. Among them were a three-day seminar in Kyiv at the end of May; a distance learning course and research by the participants about the peculiarities of culture of remembrance in different regions of Ukraine; a study visit to Berlin in September; and the follow-up meeting in Kyiv. The study trip was made possible owing to financial and organizational support of the House of the Wannsee Conference. This year Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Center managed to engage two brilliant key speakers - the director of Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum Complex Olesya Ostrovska and a researcher from the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe Iryna Sklokina. Olesya Ostrovksa gave an insight on how the team of Mystetskyi Arsenal dealt with the XX century complicated history, whereas Iryna Sklokina talked about official and unofficial memory about the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. Alumni of the educational course (Nataliia Ivchyk, Tania Borodina and Hryhorii Starykov) shared with this yeas’ participants how engagement in this course contributed to their research and professional development. We are proud to state that this year the NGO “Mnemonics”, which was represented by Nataliia Ivchyk, initiated an installation of the stumbling stones in Rivne in order to commemorate local victims of the Holocaust and WWII. In the end of the seminar the participants discussed experience gained and shared their future plans.
Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies thanks once again to all the colleagues for the active participation which made our meeting extremely productive.

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