New interactive resource for the multipliers

We are happy to present a new interactive resource – a guidebook for a teacher about Babyn Yar and the multidimensional history of this tragic place. 
The Project “Babyn Yar: Memory Against History’s Background” focuses on possible ways of representation of all tragic memories of Babyn Yar and discussions of the current state of memory about Babyn Yar. A new educational resource is a collection of methodological school lessons based on the materials of the virtual exhibition “Babyn Yar: Memory Against History’s Background”, documentary “Babyn Yar in Search of Memory” and a programme-constructor of lessons for everybody. The Project “Babyn Yar: Memory Against History’s Background” is conducted by the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies, Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, Public Committee for commemorating of Babyn Yar victims, Kyiv History Museum with the financial support of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance and the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter Initiative (Canada).
Announcement of the Project (in Ukrainian)
Booklet about the resource (in Ukrainian)

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