A Meeting with Teachers of Ukrainian Schools

On December 27th, 2005 Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies with the help of Kyiv Jewish Community (they granted the premises) held a working meeting with history school-teachers from Kyiv, Kryvyi Rig, Bila Tserkva, Brovary. Owing to the Internet capabilities, our colleagues from Lviv, Simpheropol, Hizhyn also took part in the summit. The main point was preparation and conduction of the following, Sixth All-Ukrainian Competition of Pupils' Research and Art Works "History and Lessons of the Holocaust". Everybody agreed that in the nearest future the Terms of the Competition, highlighting conditions and terms for applications, should appear on the Centre's web-site. Actual conduction of the Competition will take place in May 2006.
Besides discussions on the following Competition, several more questions were raised on the meeting. Among them special school events dedicated to the International Commemoration Day of January 27th, the idea of "correspondence competition", co-operation of teachers and the Centre in upgrading of the pedagogical option of the web-site, summer seminars for teachers etc.
However, the main point discussed was creation of Regional Pedagogical Branches of Ukrainian Centre for Holocaust Studies. The idea was suggested by our colleagues from Bila Tserkva and Brovary - Svitlana Zanko and Nadiya Yeremenko. These regional pedagogical branches will keep in touch with the Centre in Kyiv, get academic and methodical support, co-ordinate Holocaust teaching in their region. It is also planned that one of the main functions of the branches will be permanent lecturing on Holocaust history and W.W.II issues for pupils and teachers of the region, consulting pupils for participation in the Competition, highlighting their activities for the web-site of the Centre. According to our plans such Regional Pedagogical Branches will start their activity in February 2006 already!

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