International Training on Holocaust Education – Entangled History as a perspective for non-formal education

Where and when: the training will take part on 7-14 of November in Polan.

Selection criteria: you work with teenagers and youth, your educational activities are connected with the Holocaust teaching, civic education or with the history projects. As an alternative you are deeply interested in all of the topics above and you are eager to get effective tools and methods to work with your students. You are over 18 years old, you live in Ukraine and you know English well.

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Deadline: September 10, 2019

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[Fundacja Krzy?owa dla Porozumienia Europejskiego / Stiftung Kreisau]

Latest News

  • Bulletin «Lessons of the Holocaust», № 2 (62), 2020

    Dear colleagues! The fresh issue of information-pedagogical bulletin of UCHS «Lessons of the Holocaust», № 2 (62), April-June, 2020 has been published.

  • Memories of the ongoing war

    On the 7th of August 2020, the Educational Human Rights House in Chernihiv hosted a discussion on the importance of remembrance culture nowadays. It has been seven years since the military conflict in Ukraine started, and it has already become a part of our history. The knowledge of these events is contributing to the national heritage and political culture. How to preserve the memories of the events that happened in the past and are happening right now? What can we learn from the examples of the Holocaust remembrance and commemoration of other horrible events that took place in the twentieth century?

  • News from the project "Babyn Yar: memory against history’s background.

    We are glad to introduce the new chapter of the Teachers' interactive guidebook "Memorable dates". Now there are more than 66 materials available for teachers, including readymade lessons, practical and educational sessions, quests, etc. that concern memorable dates. The activities we offer can be applied to classes dedicated to those dates. We will monthly post notifications about the upcoming dates to be commemorated with regards to the Babyn Yar history materials.

  • "The Holocaust and city: space of murders – space of destruction"

    The first issue of the urban studies journal "City: history, culture, society" has been published. The issue is called "The Holocaust and city: space of murders – space of destruction" and covers the topic of the Holocaust in urban spaces.

  • The official position of the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies on the «Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center» (BYHMC) activities and projects

    Dear colleagues,

    During July and August, the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Centre has been sending out the information of their cooperation within a shared project with the pro-Russian foundation Babyn Yar Memorial Center.

    The Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies takes a stand against the activities of this organization in Ukraine. All of you are conscious citizens who are capable of making their own decision on whether to participate in the project or not (as well as the other projects of this organization). However, we at the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies find it important to remind the alumni of our projects and events of our position to boycott the private foundation projects financed by Russian donations