Educational seminar-summer school on the Holocaust history in Ukraine, Zhytomyr 2018

2-7 July 2018 in Zhytomyr the annual seminar-school took place, titled “History of the Holocaust in Ukraine: Studies, Education, Commemoration.” It gathered 19 teachers of history and other humanities, university lecturers, museum workers. Six days went past in the formats of lectures, discussions, workshops and study visits. The topics covered included, but were not limited to various aspects of the Holocaust in Ukraine and in other European countries, politics of totalitarian regimes, other cases of Nazi genocide, resistance, Ukrainian-Jewish relations in different periods of time and during the Holocaust, interdisciplinary approaches to the topic. Much of the time was devoted to pedagogical aspects of  teaching about the Holocaust. The school was organized by Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies in cooperation with ISHS at Yad Vashem under the support of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities (VAAD) of Ukraine and the Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine

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