Presentation of historical walks: Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Ostroh

insidethegatesConnect history, city, video testimonies and peer-to-peer methodology.
How? We share a step-by-step description of three interactive Iwalk tours in three cities: Zhytomyr, Kyiv, and Ostroh. The lessons are available on the website. 

When: September 14, 17:00
Who: authors of historical walks Tetiana Hushchuk, Miroslav Hrinberg, and Kateryna Osypchuk. Moderated by Ulyana Ustinova.
Registration: link in the first comment

What is Iwalk?
IWalk is an interactive educational program that combines a visit to a Holocaust memorial site with fragments of eyewitness testimony.
The video clips are selected from testimonies from the Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive. These testimonies, along with photographs, documents, maps, and other primary sources, are posted on the website. They tell a story that combines past events with the present appearance of the area, thus turning an abstract political history into a community of individual human destinies.

What will we discuss at the webinar?
-methodology of using ready-made historical walks
-presentation of three tours by the authors: Tetyana Hushchuk, Kateryna Osypchuk, Miroslav Grinberg
-technology of creating an educational historical walk
-presentation of the website where you can take historical walks with your students.

The project is being implemented in Ukraine by the Kyiv educational center "Tolerspace" in partnership with the  Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies with the support of the EVZ Foundation

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