Rochelle G. Saidel: The Jewish Women of Ravensbruck Concentration camp

Located about fifty miles north of Berlin, Ravensbruck was the only major Nazi concentration camp for women. During its six years of operation, there was a total of about 20.000 Jewish women in the camp. Drawing upon more than sixty narratives and interviews of survivors in the United States, Israel, and Europe as well as unpublished testimonies, documents, and photographs from private archives, Rochelle Saidel provides a vivid collective and individual portrait of Ravensbruck's Jewish women prisoners.
Rochelle G. Saidel is founder and executive director of the Remember the Women Institute in New York and senior scientific researcher at the University of Sao Paulo.

Latest News

  • 80 Stumbling Stones for 80th Anniversary of Babyn Yar Tragedy.

    The Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies invites teachers and students, non-formal education institutions, NGOs working with young people and educational centers from Kyiv to join our commemorative project dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Babyn Yar Tragedy “80 Stumbling Stones for 80th Anniversary of Babyn Yar Tragedy.

  • Webinar "Work of memory. Working with memorials"

    September 25, 2020, the webinar "Work of memory. Working with memorials" dedicated to the 79th anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy was organized for teachers from Kyiv.

    The webinar was held by the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies and supported by Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University Postgraduate Studies Institute.

    The head of the Historical and Social Studies department, prof. Felix Levitas and the head of the UCHS, Dr. Anatolii Podolskyi delivered speeches on essential matters concerning working with collective memory.

    The host of the meeting Olha Limonova (the Formal Education department coordinator) involved the participants in a discussion regarding the Babyn Yar memorialization and shared different teaching techniques the participants could use with their students to commemorate the victims of Babyn Yar.

  • An additional call to participate in the 2nd workshop "Learning from the past – acting for the future. Studying the Holocaust history and human rights

    The workshop is organized by the Olga Lengyel Institute (New York) and the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies, and co-financed by the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (the Hague). The workshop aims at improving the level of Holocaust history teaching and human rights education in Ukraine.

    The participants are expected to have experience in teaching Holocaust history together with motivation to continue teaching the Holocaust history and human rights after the workshop.

    Participation in all events of the workshop is mandatory! The workshop will be held online.

    The registration deadline is October 16, 2020.

    We will confirm the acceptance of all participants by October 20, 2020.

  • Educational conference in Zaporizhzhia

    September 10, 2020, the Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Studies of the Zaporizhzhia regional council, in cooperation with educational space InschoollHub hosted "Lifetime studying as a condition for developing a competitive personality" Zoom-conference as a part of the Adult Education Week. Researchers, officials, and educators had spoken on different opportunities and resources of formal and nonformal education for teachers.

    The opportunities and resources provided by the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies were presented by Olha Limonova, Formal Education Department coordinator.

    The conference involved more than 70 educators (heads of educational institutions, educators, and teachers of social studies) from all over Ukraine.

  • Seminar for history teachers in Kryvyi Rih

    On September 6th-7th, 2020, Mykhailo Marmer Museum of Jewish Culture and the Holocaust History in Kryvyi Rih hosted an educational and methodological seminar for history teachers "Ukrainian society and memories of the Holocaust". The event was delivered in cooperation between the Ukrainian Center for the Holocaust Studies (UCHS, Kyiv), Mykhailo Marmer Museum, and NGO Keter (Kryvyi Rih) supported by the Education and Science Department of Kryvyi Rih city council executive committee.

    The event also included a meeting of the school teachers with professional historians involved in researching the Holocaust history, who study the old teaching techniques and develop the new ones.