Scientific-methodical seminar for history teachers from the Eastern Ukraine

15-16th of August 2008 Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies with the support of the International Task Force, in cooperation with the Yad-Vashem Authority (Jerusalem) All-Ukrainian Association of Teachers of History, Civic Education and Social Studies "NOVA DOBA" organises in Kharkiv a scientific-methodical seminar for history teachers on Holocaust studies and education. Teachers from 6 eastern regions of Ukraine (Chernigiv,Sumy,Donetsk,Lugansk and Kharkiv) will take part in this seminar totaling to 25-30 participants. Lectures, workshops and round-table discussions on the history and modern historiography of the Holocaust on the territory of Ukraine, comprehension of this topic in literature and philosophy, modern methodology of teaching the Holocaust will be included in the programme of the seminar.The lectures will be delivered by the best teachers of this topic, scholarls and teachers-methodists

[Programme(in Ukrainian)]

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