Seminar in Holocaust Education for History Teachers of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova

June 28-30, 2009 in Kyiv Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies in cooperation with Euro-Asian Jewish Congress held an international seminar in frames of the EAJC programme "Tolerance - Lessons of the Holocaust". The seminar embraced advanced history teachers from secondary schools of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova and aimed at experience exchange between educators in Holocaust studies. The three days of the meeting effectively combined practical work, lecturing and round-table discussion. Most of the time was given to workshops and presentation by the participants of their plans and ways of teaching the Holocaust at school.
Workshops were dedicated to the following topics: the Holocaust in the official curricula of the participating countries; presentation and analysis of textbooks and manuals on the Holocaust in CIS countries; the Holocaust in modern humanitarian education: teaching tolerance, human rights; developing new ways of Holocaust education etc.
Among the presenters were director of Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies Dr. Anatoly Podolsky; research associate of the UCHS Mikhail Tyaglyi; Professor of Pedagogy, Associate of the Russian Holocaust Foundation David Poltorak; Postgraduate student of the Institute for Art, Folklore and Ethnic Studies Tatyana Velichko; Literature teacher of the Alexandriya Gymansium, Kyiv Naum Reznychencko and others.

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