Teachers' Seminar in Ternopol

A new cycle of teachers' seminars was launched in Ternopil on January 26, 2008 in frames of the third phase of the project "Tolerance and Holocaust Education in Ukraine (2007-2009)" under the support of Anne Frank House and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands Kingdom. On the seminar held by Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies history teachers of Ternopil were offered a number of methodical lectures and historical overviews as well as a series of workshops on the Holocaust history and education in Ukraine. The workshops included, first and foremost, presentation of and work with the new textbook for 10-11th grades of secondary schools "Lessons of the Past. History of the Holocaust in Ukraine" (authored by Anatoly Podolsky). Besides, an important part of the seminar was given to presentation of the Ukrainian version of Anne Frank Webguide to be launched these days owing to the efforts of Center's associates and our Dutch colleagues. The webguide aimed at teenage students comprises information on Anne Frank and the Holocaust in Ukraine, giving students a possibility to create their own project to be presented at a school lesson.

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