Thomas Toivi Blatt: From the Ashes of Sobibor.

When Blatt arrived in the Nazi extermination camp of Sobibor he was 15 years old. While all of his family was sent to the gas chamber in front of his eyes, Blatt was chosen for "Arbeitseinsatz" that means assigned to work as a shoe shiner for Karl August Frenzel, commandant at Sobibor.
This "privileged" position enabled him to survive and ultimately escape after participating in the uprising of 320 camp inmates. Blatt is one of the very few who survived the uprising of Sobibor. When he returned home he encountered both, help and hostility among his former neighbors. In his book "From the Ashes of Sobibor" he tells his personal life story including descriptions of his childhood in the heavily Jewish town of Izbica in the district of Lublin as well as the period after the revolt at Sobibor.

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